JL Griffis Vocational training Program JL Griffis Twin Cities School Automotive Detailing and Customer Service Training Program. We will be the best training Program in the Midway. That’s training quality automotive students for detailing and customer service. The curriculum will address topics like
Business management Customer service. OSHA Automotive detailing safety hazards training The first Automotive Detailing Training Program that’s available hears in Minnesota. We have 34 years of experience just in Automotive Detailing Training, and 24 years in Customer Service Training. Auto detailers clean and detail automobiles using standard and specialized cleaning tools and equipment. Vocational training courses, as well as certificate and degree programs, offer specialized training in auto detailing and related automotive professions. The curriculum could address topics like customer service, body detailing, painting, and upholstery and business management. Auto detailing training programs are open to high school graduates and can lead to careers as technicians, car cleaners and auto manufacturing managers. At JL Griffis Twin Cities School Automotive Detailing students learn the fundamentals of chemical use, safety and how to price their services. Courses teach the skills necessary for engine and body detailing, as well as thorough interior and exterior cleaning. Some typical topics may include:
  • Auto detailing equipment
  • Buffing and waxing
  • Final touches
  • Customer service
  • Business practices